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Follow Companies on LinkedIn

linked in AREFIn what is becoming the online version of keeping up with the Joneses, LinkedIn has added the ability for users to Follow corporations on the site. This move makes LinkedIn a little more social and a little more like Facebook.

The “Follow Company” tool allows users to get notifications on public company happenings. From following job openings to profile changes to people who have joined or left the company, LinkedIn users can choose whether they want Company status updates emailed to them or whether they will appear in their network updates. While the change doesn’t seem to be huge,watch over the next few months as tons of businesses join LinkedIn. After all, if you could get hundreds and thousands of eager candidates to follow your company, wouldn’t you?

LinkedIn is typically overlooked by companies, but there are several things companies can do on LinkedIn to improve their overall social media program and SMO (social media optimization), especially as it relates to one of my favorite topics. So, when “You Goggle your companies name, do you like what you see?” Adding a LinkedIn company profile will help with this. When creating your company profile make sure to add a logo and bio and make sure to use the same company name that your employees use. After the profile has been added, make sure that all of your employees are using it as well.