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Follow Me – Don’t Follow Me!

Follow Me But Dont Talk Follow me. Don’t Follow me. Follow me. Don’t Interact with me. Follow Me. But I might not respond.

Are you committing a social networking sin? Have you engaged in Facebook and Twitter, but blocked your Wall or locked your Tweets? If so, you need to immediately either delete your accounts or unblock and unlock and here’s why! Stop sending mixed messages. I don’t want to “talk to the hand” or play red-light green-light.

1) Facebook – You joined the site to be social, right? Unless you have numerous stalkers who are posting obscene comments on your wall, why block your wall? Don’t you want to interact with your friends? Without two-way interaction you are simply using Facebook as a method to push your marketing messages out. Doesn’t this totally defeat the purpose of social networking? The goal is to have those conversations we used to have in person online via social networking sites. If I can’t post to your wall, how can we engage in conversation?

2) Twitter – You happily set up your Twitter account, tweeted a few times and then locked the account. Now you are inviting friends to follow you. I just got an invitation, but how do I know if I want to follow you if I can’t read your tweets. . . again a mixed message. Unless you are a member of a secret society, unlock your tweets.

3) While on the subject of Twitter – Twitter is not a one-way conversation. Setting up a series of automatic messages to push out to your followers over the course of a day, week or month does not start a conversation. Especially when someone sends you an @yourname message in response to one of your tweets and you are not there to answer it. This is what we call #fail on Twitter. To engage on Twitter you need to monitor your name via @yourname, answer DMs (direct messages) and be there to interact. Otherwise, you might as well go back to doing it the old way and buy an ad.

If you are committing one of these three social media sins and need help getting your program turned around, call me! I’m happy to help! 770-383-3360.