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Foursquare for Business Makes Targeted Improvements

FoursquareLooking to reward your Fousquare customers with a little something more than just a generic check-in special? Foursquare, a social mobile app, recently unveiled a new plan that will allow merchants to create personalized coupons for people who “check-in.”

The new coupon feature will complement the application’s new merchant dashboard, which will display information such as the time of day people visit, male versus female patron breakdown, a list of the best customers, a list of former loyal customers and more. This new information makes it easy for merchants to market to specific customers. For instance, you may choose to reward your most frequent customers by creating a special 10 percent off coupon just for them the next time they check-in. However, to access these added features, merchants will have to pay a small price. Merchants can now also pay a one-time fee of $10 in order to go through the “instant verification” program.

Foursquare is a mobile application that, “makes the real world easier to use.” Users can check in to local businesses, take advantage of check-in specials, leave tips and reviews, discover what else is nearby, keep up with where their friends are and more. Businesses can use Foursquare to attract new customers, develop relationships with current customers and offer check-in rewards.

Foursquare is a great addition to any business’ social media marketing strategy, and the application’s newest additions will make it even more valuable. For more information on other social media sites for businesses or to learn how Foursquare could boost your marketing strategy, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.