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Francesca Kenney is the Guest on Staying Relevant Podcast

Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast episode 19 is now live. In this episode Mitch Levinson, Marketing Relevance President, speaks at length with Francesca Kenney, partner at B2B CFO. They are a financial management company and prides itself on their strong belief in improving the lives of business owners. What sets B2B CFO apart from other financial companies is the years of experience and credentials held by the employees. 

During the Staying Relevant podcast, Francesa explains to Mitch the importance of thier business to understand the goals of their clients. Also making sure there are no barriers that can interfere with accomplishing those goals. She further explains the need to be transparent with their clients. This helps with working effectively to solve any issues within the company and help grow the organization.

This episode will help you gain an understanding of how B2B CFO has gained success by marketing within their target marketing. Francesca Kenney accomplishes this by understanding the appropriate networking groups to join, generate qualified introductions and advertise on social media.

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