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Free Listing Sites

Here is a list of our favorite Free listing sites and some details on each.

  •—very SEO friendly
  • Googlebase—don’t have to have gmail account to use (tip-have listing at $300,000 instead of $299,000 it will come up in more categories)
  •—look at niche areas
  •—free profiles and free listings to agents
  •—great place to list incentives (Stat—one home was viewed 40 times in a two-week period)

Additionally there are aggregate sites that you can utilize to post for you

  •—can pay fee for analytics
  • (provides free websites for realtors and builders can submit to this site and give permission for homes to be put on about 6,000 realtor sites)
  •—will create a free website for every listing you add

Remember to follow-up on your leads from listing and to constantly update your listing information. Getting on-site agent buy in is important because they are the best person to keep listings up-to-date.