FREE Online Couponing Webinar

Lasso CouponConsumers are coupon savvy. Everyone is looking for the best deal, and they want to share what they find with others. Don’t think so? Just look at the popularity of Groupon, Living Social and Facebook Deals; and all give users the opportunity to share what they find on social networking sites.

The same is true with new home sales. With low interest rates and many builders offering affordable pricing, homeownership is becoming a viable option for countless new home buyers. Naturally, this leads to fierce competition with many home builders turning to online incentives and contests to drive new homes sales.

If the thought of using your computer for anything other than writing an email makes you hyperventilate, don’t fret. You can join Lasso on Thursday, June 9 at 1 p.m. eastern for a FREE webinar, Can Coupons Generate More New Home Sales with PR and marketing expert Carol Flammer to learn more about how coupons and contests can be used to effectively generate new homebuyer interest and sales. The free coupon is above.

A leading social media expert and the author of “Social Media for Home Buyers: It’s Easier Than You Think 2.0,” Carol’s 30-minute webinar will cover the basics of using online coupons and incentives including:

  • Using incentives, contests and coupons to generate leads.
  • Developing your social media strategy: What’s in it for your fans?
  • Creating a contest strategy for agents: Realtors like contests too.
  • Maintaining the loyalty: Keeping the programs going to create referral business.

Need more online couponing help? Contact mRELEVANCE to schedule a one-on-one meeting with Carol Flammer herself where you can develop a full social media program including online couponing and incentives.