FREE Relevant Marketing Webinar: How to Get Feedback from Your Audience

#HowToMarketingWebinarSocial media is all about getting a conversation started. For some brands, it’s easy. For others, it can be a bit more challenging. However, online brand and reputation management rely greatly on receiving and sharing positive feedback from audiences. So, how do you get your audience members to interact with you, foster positive relationships with online consumers and share those positive interactions so that the world can see all the great things your brand does? We’ll share this and more in the August edition of our 2015 Relevant Marketing Webinar series, “How to Get Feedback from Your Audience,” on Tuesday, August 11 from 2 to 3 p.m.

Did you know that exit surveys, testimonials and reviews from happy customers contribute greatly to a positive online reputation and brand? mRELEVANCE Managing Partner, Mitch Levinson will lead a lively discussion with tips and ideas on how to put these tools in place so that they are a part of your marketing strategy and routine. Register for the “How to Get Feedback from Your Audience” webinar to learn about the tools needed to get the conversation started with your audience.

The 2015 Relevant “How To” Marketing Webinars are FREE and are open to all professionals looking to enhance their marketing efforts. All of the webinars are hosted by an mRELEVANCE marketing professional and an expert guest.

On October 20, we’ll have one final webinar in our series: How to Get SEO on Track. Check back close to the date for more details.

You can connect with us through our website at, on our Facebook page or via Twitter @mRELEVANCE. Use the hashtag #HowToMarketingWebinar on Twitter to interact with us and other professionals registered for the webinars.