Free Search Engine Optimization Services



Did some say free seo? Yes we did!

With Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner mRELEVANCE recognizes the time of year where small-midsized businesses (SMB) are considering pausing on costs related to online services such as search engine optimization (SEO). Couple that with the rough economics of today that have businesses imposing conservative cost saving plans and you’ll realize the difficulty of prospecting and lead generation is made more challenging.  mRELEVANCE is also a SMB and we can relate to that outlook and respect that approach. That’s why we would like to offer a free month of search engine optimization services to the first organization that commits to a one year SEO plan in November and the first organization that commits to a one year plan in December. Not only will we provide you with a free month of SEO but we will also help you highlight your company online and drive organic traffic!

This may not be your typical holiday blockbuster but it will keep money in your pocket while increasing site traffic, lead potentials,  search engine rankings and a higher probability of profit! Our custom seo plans work, it’s that simple. Read our search engine optimization case studies or contact us for more information to be the first one to obtain a free month of search engine optimization (new clients only).

To obtain more details and to get started call us at 847-259-7312 and ask for Paul or Mitch or email us at or and we’ll get your free seo services started. The promotion does not cover setup costs and may have a termination fee for early cancellation.