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FREE Webinar The State of Digital Media: Getting the Picture

Free webinar on imagesJoin mRELEVANCE managing partner Carol Morgan and SmartTouch Interactive on Tuesday, Feb. 24 at noon CST for a Free Webinar. Carol will present The State of Digital Media: Getting the Picture. If you missed this program at the International Builders Show, here’s your chance to catch it.

Carol will guide you through the increasing importance of using mages in digital media, and discuss how you can position your company to take advantage of those trends through best practices. We’ll discuss specifically what works on blogs, websites, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz.

Walk away with a few tips and tricks.
– Understand why images can improve the search results for your blog, and help encourage readership.
– Understand the why using images on social media benefits engagement and why that is good for your website.
– Understand the legal ramifications and pitfalls of digital image use in the digital media age.

Register today at Smarttouch Interactive!

For more information on visuals, social media or digital marketing, contact Carol Morgan at 770-383-3360.