FrontDoor Communities Updates their Digital Image

09_September_FDCRefreshAs the old adage goes…the only thing that’s constant, is change. This couldn’t be more true than when it comes to websites.  Updates are periodically needed to stay fresh, which is why more and more clients are turning to Marketing RELEVANCE for website redesigns.

FrontDoor Communities (FDC) came to us in 2015 to completely rebuild their then current website.  Goals for this new site included an enhanced user experience, improved traffic, easy admin, and mobile-friendly.  The new site was designed, developed and launched with a fresh new desktop and mobile look, simpler navigation, over-sized images (which improved CTR) and a back end admin system developed by Marketing RELEVANCE that allowed for smooth management by their own team.

A few years went by and we continued as partners in other digital capacities like SEO and social media management. FDC decided that it was time for Marketing RELEVANCE to conduct another web refresh.  Only this time the back end was stable and performing well, so just the front end would be addressed.

Our Design Director, Ricky Bakosh, and Web Developer, Jason Grey took over the front-end redesign. They leveraged FDC’s corporate colors and gradients, used a highly structured approach to interface consistency, and applied modern UI elements to solve the design. The site is now cleaner, crisper, and intuitive. The idea behind the new visual design was to clarify each page’s intention, while making the user’s interaction with the website inviting, and simple to understand.

As their business directives changed over the years, the goals for their online presence shifted right along with them.  To address these changes the newly optimized site boasts a larger footprint for items that took priority in view of their new goals, like home plans, spec homes and promotions.  The result is a much improved, warm and welcoming site that was designed and developed through a partnership that encompasses both site functionality and design, and two companies who worked together to achieve common goals.

The success of the new site,, was immediate.  In the first four weeks after the new site launch, the bounce rate decreased by >13%, goal conversion rate went up 5.55% and goal completions significantly increased 25%! If you’re looking to increase not only traffic on your website, but conversion and leads, you should do what FrontDoor Communities did and contact us.  We can discuss your goals, establish a strategy to meet them, and get started on an action plan right away. or 847-259-7312.