Game Changing Google Update Will Kill Your Search Rank

Person using search engine on mobile deviceApril 21, 2015 is a day some of us will remember for all the wrong reasons. This marks the day that Google will start factoring mobile responsiveness into its allusive search engine algorithm. So, what does that mean exactly? On April 21, if your website is not built to be mobile friendly to devices such as cell phones, iPads and tablets, your site will disappear from Google’s organic search results on those devices. Your site will need to be fully mobile friendly, not just accessible on a mobile device. This is important to note, because even if your site looks good on mobile, if it isn’t really mobile, it doesn’t count.

At Marketing RELEVANCE, we see 50% of website traffic coming from mobile devices to our client’s sites. So, it is critical for your site to continue show up in the results.  According to an article back in 2013 by, mobile search was up by 125% since the year prior, and this increase has continued in the past couple of years. This increase is 10 times that of desktop traffic during the same time period.

Trend setting Google is once again leading the way with this change that will provide search users with the most relevant results.  Because sites look different on mobile, Google decided it was time to incorporate mobile-friendly web pages and apps into its SEO algorithm. This means that mobile device users won’t be frustrated by pages that can’t be navigated or pages that won’t load on mobile phones.  This change is great for people browsing Google on smartphones and tablets.  They will see:

  1. More mobile-friendly websites in search results
  2. More relevant app content in search results

To learn more details about the changes and the effects of those changes, visit

To incorporate more mobile-friendly websites in search results, Google will expand its use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal, along with demoting non-mobile friendly sites. Thus, when Google’s SEO algorithm indexes your website, it will look for mobile responsiveness. When Google indexes your site, if it is truly a mobile-friendly site, it will be indexed higher in search results; however, the exact opposite will occur if your website is not mobile.

If you are not sure if your website is mobile or if it will survive April 21st, it may be time for a new site! Don’t lose your position in search engine rankings, contact us today! Contact mRELEVANCE online or call us at 770-383-3360.