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Gerstad Builders

Gerstad BuildersmRELEVANCE’s launch of the Gerstad Builders social media marketing campaign in early 2010 completely changed the results of Internet browsing about the company. Instead of random websites with little relevance, Internet searches now get the “yellow pages” of all the places to find and interact with Gerstad Builders online, including their blog/website, articles on Green Built Blog, articles on Chicagoland Real Estate Forum, LinkedIn profile and online press releases.
The engine of the Gerstad Builders program is a highly optimized blog/website. Other components of the program such as Twitter, Facebook and ancillary blogs serve as places for home buyers and Realtors to interact with the builder and find out about their latest promotions and incentives. Additionally, the blog posts have worked as fresh content to increase website traffic for the builder. The referral traffic to the Gerstad Builders website has more than doubled since the launch of the company’s new blog/website.