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Get Relevant Results from Search Engines

With so many different resources in the blogosphere, online research has become a difficult task. It’s a fine science to be able to type key words into Google and get the exact results you were intending. And this ability is definitely one that you can master if you familiarize yourself with “Boolean” searching – and, or and not. These terms and symbols help you narrow a search to produce results most relevant to what you are looking for.

For example, using quotations like “Atlanta new homes” tells Google, or any search engine for that matter, that you only want results that has these three words together in that specific order. You can use a plus sign (+) to combine results for two different searches – Atlanta + new homes. Or, if you want to search one subject with no mention of another subject, use a minus sign (-). This minus sign is especially beneficial because many times a keyword is strongly associated with another, and this is the opportunity to rule out any of those results: Atlanta Falcons – Michael Vick.

Boolean terms will drastically help produce more relevant results for all searches, and can be a key factor to better understanding Internet marketing and social media. Try them out next time you use search engines to conduct your research, and notice the difference in the relevance of your results.