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Get Your SEO on Track with Marketing Relevance “How To” Webinar

Marketing WebinarmRELEVANCE, LLC hosts “How To Get Your SEO on Track” on Oct 20 as the fourth and final webinar in the 2015 four-part series of Relevant Marketing Webinars. mRELEVANCE’s team of search engine optimization experts will guide webinar participants through the basics of this seemingly elusive and conceptual yet highly effective and necessary marketing tactic.

Search engine optimization techniques change frequently. If you are still confused about Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird or Pigeon, you are not alone. Fresh from Pubcon 2015, the mRELEVANCE team will share the latest tips for getting your SEO on track.

What is Pubcon? Great question; Pubcon is the premier social media and optimization conference and expo held annually in Las Vegas, NV. Short for “Publishers Conference,” Pubcon was named a Forbes must-attend event and an Inc. top conference for growing your business. It features the industry’s leading businesses, start-ups, speakers, keynotes, exhibitors and sponsors involved in the social media, digital marketing, search engine and online advertising realms. The mRELEVANCE team attends this conference annually to stay on top of the latest information and trends. Our team will present it to you in a succinct and informative fashion.

mRELEVANCE Managing Partner Mitch Levinson states, “Our Relevant Marketing Webinars have been popular thus far this year, and professionals have found them highly informative. We predict this fourth and final webinar to bring the most value yet. Designed to help businesses succeed, this webinar will offer insight into what’s new and what’s next for SEO.

Relevant Marketing Webinars are FREE and open to business owners and marketing professionals who are looking to gain valuable knowledge on SEO. Visit to register for “How To Get Your SEO on Track.” Keep a look out for updatesabout the Marketing RELEVANCE team of experts via Facebook page Twitter @mRELEVANCE.