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Glass Flooring Makes For Innovative Public Relations Coverage

Innovate Floor TrendsGlass flooring is hip, trendy and cool. Best of all, we aren’t the only ones that think so! Glass flooring is popular with residential installations. Look for stunning installations for stairways, walkways, wine cellar niches and to highlight elaborate outdoor water features. Best of all, one of our public relations clients is featured this month in Floor Trend Magazine. The niche flooring magazine covered Innovate Building Solutions in the March issue for its unique modular glass floor systems.

Designers, architects, home builders and homeowners are now incorporating glass floor and stair systems into spaces thanks to Innovate Building Solutions’ modular glass flooring systems. These glass panels provide a beautiful “window” to the world below and are engineered to safely stand the test of time, supporting large amounts of weight with a durable aluminum grid and structural supports. These prefabricated systems can be installed within different flooring materials, including wood, tile, stone or concrete floors. They are durable and easy to install, with transparent or acid-etched design options that can be customized to meet the needs of each individual client.

Glass flooring is often used to create drama and a feeling of space. Tourists are familiar with it due to breathtaking installations at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Willis Tower’s Skydeck in Chicago, the Grand Canyon’s Skywalk and at Ghostbar in Las Vegas.

Thanks to the mRELEVANCE’s top notch public relations writing and pitching skills, Innovate Building Solutions was able to show the world its creativity and innovation. Remember, a good press release is only as successful as its pitch. Reporters won’t consider a story if the pitch doesn’t contain the proper elements.

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