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French Brothers Go Big & Go HomeWith the name “Go Big & Go Home,” there’s no doubt that French Brothers’ new promotional campaign is making a BIG statement. Recently, mRELEVANCE created a social media campaign for French Brothers to promote Go Big & Go Home concept, as well as a special buyers’ incentive.

As the first New Mexico home builder to win a National Housing Quality Award, French Brothers is known for exceptional customer service and designing homes to meet the wants and needs of its buyers. From bigger floor plans to bigger savings options with its Platinum Energy Package, French Brothers offers more opportunities for buyers to purchase more home for less money. During the Go Big & Go Home campaign, mRELEVANCE will help French Brothers to highlight its bigger closets, floor plans, home sites, savings and more.

Working from a whimsical billboard design, mRELEVANCE designed graphics for use on Facebook, Pinterest, the French Brothers blog, email marketing and in local newspapers and magazines. For branding purposes, the design elements used in the campaign are consistent with the French Brothers’ brand and website theme through the use of color, fonts and watercolor paint design.

The landing page on the French Brothers Facebook page shows the “Go Big & Go Home” promotional flyer designed by mRELEVANCE. Clicking on the flyer in Facebook will direct consumers to the French Brothers’ “Go Big & Go Home” Pinterest board. From here, viewers can look at several different interior and exterior photos of French Brothers homes, which all link to the company’s website.

French Brothers easily could have posted a status on Facebook announcing the new promotion, but by creating a comprehensive social media campaign, the promotion is sure to reach a wider audience and get more engagement than a regular status update. How does your company maintain branding consistency? If you think your company needs some help developing a marketing strategy or incorporating social media marketing and graphic design, contact mRELEVANCE today by clicking here.