Google AdWords Updates-How Does it Affect Me?

09_September_GoogleadwordsWithout a doubt, Google AdWords is one of the most flexible marketing programs out there. With the ability to target specific online users based on geography and the device they use to search for products and services, plus dictate exactly what you would like to spend on a daily or monthly basis, Google AdWords sets the standards for paid search ad platforms.

Since AdWords is the main revenue generator for Google (over 77% of Google’s $75 billion dollar revenue in 2015) they are constantly making improvements to not only attract new advertisers, but also keep current AdWords advertisers happy with new features.

As the SEO manager and the guy who manages paid search here at Marketing RELEVANCE I thought I would share a few of the recent advancements Google has rolled out to help me, and other AdWords users, get the most out of an AdWords campaign.


AdWords Experience

This is the new name for the AdWords interface and personally I love what Google did here. It’s taken what it feels are the most important metrics and made them very easy to sort on the interface overview page. It now also provides you with device information, dayparting data, and highlights campaigns with the biggest changes. Having this information readily available upon login saves time by not having to navigate deeper into the campaigns. Another great feature is the searches card. It provides granular data of keyword phrases that contain selected keywords. For example, if I have keyword phrases containing the word “sale”, I can see exactly how all of those words have performed without having to go three levels deep with a data sort.


Additional Extensions

One of the issues with using AdWords in the past was the limited text you have to work with: 25, 35, 35…95 characters. Title, Description Line 1, & Description Line 2. Thankfully, Google provided users with additional characters to work with when the new ad format was released in 2016. This year Google introduced the addition of various ad extensions like promotion, sitelink and callout.  Now, there are more characters than ever to let potential visitors know everything you can offer them.


‘Landing Pages’ Page

Google the “Landing Pages” page. As the name suggests, this page was created to help you see how your landing pages are performing. Do you want to see which pages drive the most conversions? Are you curious as to which pages are, and are not, mobile-friendly? This new AdWords feature lets you know where you should be focusing your attention on so you can convert more of your clicks into sales.


Quality Score Reporting

The last thing I will touch on is the improved quality score report function. For those of you not familiar with this term, Google assigns a ‘quality score’ to each keyword in your account and it is used to determine your cost per click as well your ad rank in the auction process. In order to improve campaign performance, it’s important to understand how optimizations made to an account, like ad optimization, impact keyword Quality Score. You can now view historical Quality Scores, and its components, for all of your keywords.

Tracking the multitude of Google AdWords updates can be a daunting task for even seasoned AdWords managers.  Here at Marketing RELEVANCE we do it for you; managing improvements and using those specifically, if not all, that will impact your online results.  Let us know if you need help administering these advancements and we will be happy to take a look at your current site and make any necessary recommendations.  Contact us at 847-259-7312 or (