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Google Analytics – Flexing with Intelligence & Power

mrelevanceanalyticsAs November looms on the calendar, mRELEVANCE begins to prepare for our monthly tracking reports using Google Analytics for our clients. Its a time to reflect on our internet marketing efforts and analyze trends, content and quantify our search engine optimization strategy on each and every metric measured by our friends in Mountain View, California. Google recently announced additional tools to help alert, set goals and customize reporting to follow very specific trends by your website’s visitors.

Firstly, Google Analytics now offers users the power to track goals of a website. For example, the conversion sales rate of activities completed such as filling out a contact request form or participating a survey. Should a specific goal have a value attached to its activity, say $8,000 per sale for a product and the anticipated rate of contact requests to sales (goal for a sales team) of 1 in 8, the goal value would be $1,000. A another could be time spent on a site of 10 minutes triggering a time threshold goal measuring the percentage of visitors staying beyond the allotted time on a particular page or site as a whole.

Another new feature added to Google Analytics is the ability to measure key words entered into search engines and determining which words brought more engaged visitors by applying filters to users who clicked into and abruptly out (known as bounce rate) of your website. Thereby enabling the mRELEVANCE team to quickly determine which key words brought in the most engaged or active (sorted by volume) of visitors. The effectiveness of key word campaigns become clear instantly in the analysis.

Periodic analysis that can sometimes miss important trends of certain internet marketing efforts are a thing of the past with another feature called Intelligence with custom and automatic alerts. For instance, if a new internet marketing campaign creates new visitor traffic as a percentage higher than normal and stayed longer than normal, an alert will be sent to the administrator. Was the alert a triggered by a new video posted about the newest product your business now offers? We can now find out instantly. These alerts will provide real-time feedback to the effectiveness of your content and internet marketing campaign strategies.

mRELEVANCE is excited to implement these new methods of analysis to your website. See demonstration videos here of new Google Analytics features.