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Google Business Pages Now Google+ Local

Google+ Local: Big Changes for Local Businesses

google localStarting last week Google+ Business pages were upgraded into the new Google+ Local hub, which adds your business’ Google Places page to Google’s search, mobile, maps and Google+. You can now access your Google Place page through Google+ to update your business information and interact with other Google+ users.

Google Places Information added to Google+ Local Page

Google Places pages information has been added to your local Google+ Page (phone number, address, images, and prior reviews) so owners of Places accounts need not worry about losing their prior information. It is a good idea for business owners to access their Google+ Local page and make sure their information is up to date and displaying correctly.

What Google Local Features Mean to Your Company

google local searchWith the power of Google search, potential customers can now find your company without knowing you even exist. Let’s say you own an Italian Restaurant, if a customer does a Google Local search for ‘Italian Food’ the top restaurants that provide Italian Food in the area will be listed. Users can then view reviews that other Google+ users have posted as well as reviews by their friends and followers. After reading the great reviews about your business the user can instantly get directions using Google Maps, keep in mind that all of this can be done from the users phone, allowing you to make quick sales on out of town customers. Google Local has the potential to become the top business review service online. It is now easier than ever for customers to find your business online and share reviews about your company with their friends and followers, customers can even rate their experience with your business with Zagat Score. If your company never created a Google Places account you can claim your business by visiting Google Places For Business.

Social Impact of Google Local

google+Google Local has the potential to help your business to go viral through social media like never before. Now that Google+ users can share reviews about your company, their followers can read their review, and comment on that review for all of their followers to see as well. Google+ allows businesses to interact with users at the users request, rather than littering their pages with annoying business ads like other social media platforms. Whether or not Google Local becomes becomes popular, there is no reason not to create a Places account for your business, why miss out on potential customers? Much less the SEO (search engine optimization) value. Signing up for Google Places is easy, and best of all its free!

For more information on seeing up pages for local search, contact the Marketing RELEVANCE team.