Google Offers a Direct Line to Santa

Saint NickIsn’t it crazy how the world is constantly changing? It seems like just yesterday, children had to hand-write a letter or visit Santa in person at the local mall if they wanted to make sure that their wish list was received by the man himself. Then, as computers became more and more prevalent in homes, children could type and email their lists. Now with Google Voice, Santa is just a phone call away!

Of course you can still hand-write, visit the mall or email your letters to Santa, but how cool would it be to actually get a response via a Google Voice message? This year you can. If you know someone who would like to hear from Santa, you can create and send a personalized phone message at the Send a Call from Santa site.

Before you receive your special message from Santa, maybe you or your kids would like to call and leave a request for Santa. You can do that too. Just dial his Google Voice number at 855-34-SANTA.

In addition to calling Santa, don’t forget to keep up with his location as he travels around the globe. You can track his journey while he delivers presents on Google Maps, Google Earth with the plug-in and on your mobile phone.

For more information about Santa’s Google Voice number, visit the Send a Call from Santa site.