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Google Sidewiki: Making Search More Social

Google Side WikiHere is Tip 9 from our Top 10 Social Media Resolutions for 2010 list: Integrate Google Side Wiki into social media programs.

Sidewiki is a browser sidebar by Google that allows readers to contribute and comment on any Web site or Web site page on the Internet. Currently it is available for use with the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. Lots of folks think that Sidewiki is Google’s next step in making search more social. Even so, not a lot of people have Sidewiki or know about it yet, but it is a tool that merits understanding. When asked what’s next in social media, this is definitely a tool on the mRELEVANCE team’s radar. Here we review the Pros and Cons of Sidewiki.

Google Sidewiki gives Web site owners the chance to share their thoughts and create a conversation with those who visit their Web site. It provides another avenue for communication with potential buyers and Internet browsers and allows you to see how various audiences view your brand and company. It also creates another forum you should monitor for reputation management.

Google Sidewiki is not moderated. Negative comments will remain in a public forum for anyone to view and read.

Why do you need it?
It is important to have Google Sidewiki as part of your social media campaign to proactively monitor and respond to comments on your company, Web site, products or service. Because the comments cannot be filtered or removed, it is important to address negative comments quickly and provide clarification if needed.
The owner of the Web site will always have the first Google Sidewiki comment on their own site. This is critical because it means your quotes and comments will be the first impression people using Sidewiki will have of your company. However, if you don’t install Sidewiki and use it then you won’t have the opportunity to create that first impression.


If mRELEVANCE hosts your website or blog, we will be happy to create your Sidewiki account. Just contact us and we will get it set up for you.

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