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Google+ Unveils Custom URLs

Google+ Custom URLsGoogle+ just rolled out an improvement that you need to take advantage of; users and pages can now have their own custom URL. So whether you are actively using the site to maintain a social media presence, or simply ensuring that you have a brand presence to improve your search engine optimization, you will want to get a URL that contains your business name or personal name

Instead of sending your visitors to, Google+ users and pages will now have access to custom URLs that look like

To be eligible for the new URL structure, your page must be in good standing. For local businesses, this means your Local Google+ page must be verified as a local business. For non-local Google+ pages, this means your profile must be linked to a website.

Once a page has met the criteria, Google+ will place a notification on the page to let you know you can update the URL.

Here are the next steps to set up the URL:

  1. Click the Get a Custom URL button.
  2. The URL(s) the page has been approved for will be displayed. If there is more than one option, select the one you prefer. You can also add numbers/letters to make it more unique.
  3. Agree to the terms of service.
  4. Click Change URL.

Once the URL has been approved, only changes to the capitalization or accents of the URL can be made. This means you need to make sure the URL is exactly how you want it before you click confirm.

Custom URLs have multiple benefits for businesses. The major benefit is that it makes it much easier for users to find your page and to share the page with customers. The second big benefit comes in terms of search engine optimization; since the URL will most likely include your company’s name, this should help improve the site’s ranking when people search for your business.

If your business hasn’t yet set up a Google+ page, what are you waiting for? While Google+ may not be large in numbers, it has a huge impact in the world of search and search engine optimization.

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