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Gotta Catch ‘Em All – We Mean Homebuyers!

Pokémon Go

As you probably know, Pokémon Go is a huge hit. The app has an estimated 15 million downloads, and it is among one of the most heavily used apps.*

How can Pokémon Go help attract buyers to your homes? Here are a few ideas:

— For your next open house or grand opening event, purchase a pack of lures (about $31) to attract potential buyers to your property all day long. Whether they are millennials playing the game or Gen Xers with kids playing the game, it’ll be fun for all and an easy “pull” for those looking to buy. We can help promote the event with exciting email blasts (e-blasts), social media graphics and blog posts, that will have home buyers choose you!

— Don’t have an open house coming up fast enough? Host a Pokémon Go event at your amenity center for residents and potential homebuyers. This can also be promoted via e-blasts, social media graphics and blog posts.

— Level up with an exhilarating social media contest! With so many people exploring the areas around your communities while playing Pokémon Go, it’s scavenger hunt time! Give Facebook clues on where the best Pokémon, Pokémon Go gyms and PokéStops are located. Lead them to your community. The first 20 people to stop by your model home receive gift cards to local restaurants. If they purchase a home, they could receive $5,000 off options. To engage even more users on Facebook, have contestants post photos of themselves finding Pokémon in the area for prizes.

Are you game? Let us know, and we can put together a proposal for you. Contact Marketing RELEVANCE at 770-383-3360.

*Use caution when playing Pokémon Go. Watch where you are walking so that you don’t run into walls, fall into a hole, trip on a curb or step into traffic. Do not play Pokémon Go while operating a vehicle.