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Guest Jeanne Conger from Bella Vista Homes on Staying Relevant Podcast

Episode 18 of Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant podcast is now available for listening. In this informative podcast, Mitch Levinson, Marketing Relevance President, learns from guest, Jeanne Conger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Bella Vista Homes and Princeton Classic Homes, about the housing market in Texas. They discuss at the length how the company prides themselves in making purchasing a home affordable to their clients. However, according to Jeanne, marketing to their consumers is their number one priority. By using marketing tools such as Google Analytics, they are able to use those statistics for creating specific calls to action or promotions that are visible on the website. By doing this, can engage with potential clients within a responsible amount of time.

During the podcast, Mitch asks Jeanne to explain the differences between the two different companies. Jeanne explained it as follows; Bella Vista targets new buyers with a great price point and Princeton Classic Homes targets people who are in their second move-up.

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