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Happy Holidays from mRELEVANCE

a visit from saint nickThe holidays are a great time to catch up with family and friends. Not to mention relax by the fire, read a book or just play a board game. The mRELEVANCE team is pretty excited about the holidays, and we decided to share our favorite holiday traditions and their significance with you. Feel free to add your favorite traditions in the comments section.

Carol Morgan – We attend the Christmas Eve service at our little country church. It is a peaceful and reflective service with lots of hymns that ends with communion and the congregation lighting candles while singing Silent Night. After that, we go home and bake cookies for Santa and put out reindeer food.

Mitch Levinson – On Christmas day, we watch two or three movies as a family. Typically a series or a trilogy, and then we have Chinese food. It is fun to spend the entire day with the kids and family and relax.

Mike Adamczyk – Our holiday traditions consist of sleeping in, a French-toast baked pastry, coffee, a short gift exchange and one or both of the DVD classics: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation & A Christmas Story. I think it’s significant to us because it’s not that significant; we just enjoy hanging out with each other like we’re back in high school.

Tom Cirillo – Every year on Christmas, my family gets together to exchange gifts. My sister wakes up extra early so that when we wake up all of the presents are organized by name in a near pile. My dad sets up the camera to record, and we all go around opening one present at a time. I have noticed over the years, as my siblings and I get older, the time we wake up has been pushed back and coffee is a commodity before we can start.

Laura Craft – It is one of my favorite traditions to read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. We have done this since I was a little girl. My father has recently passed on the reading of the book to my nieces. First to Lilla and now to Ada.

Alicia Hilton – My favorite holiday tradition has changed since I’ve gotten older. On Christmas Eve, my brother, sister-in-law and I spend the night at my parents’ house so we all wake up together on Christmas day. My younger brother is always the first one up, and he will go around waking everyone up. Before we start opening gifts, we all HAVE to have a cup of coffee! Then, we all sit by the tree and hand each other the gifts we got for one another as my mom takes a ton of pictures. After that, my mom always makes a big brunch which I always look forward to! I love my mom’s cooking! Then we enjoy a nice brunch, still in our PJs, and just enjoy the day with family.

Arati Katti – When I was growing up, my favorite holiday tradition was visiting my grandma and grandpa’s place with all of my relatives and spending time together. My family has a pot luck, and everyone prepares a favorite food for some else in the family. Also, gifts are exchanged among each other. This way we get to spend so much quality time together during the holidays to refill our family-bonding love. Because I have been thousands of miles away from my family for the last couple of years, we now follow this tradition on Skype :)

Lauren Pond – We always try to have the first night of Hanukkah as a family with my mom (and dad before he passed away). We have brisket, farfel (type of rice dish) and homemade applesauce as our dinner. For dessert my mom makes homemade Latkes. After dinner we light the Menorah and exchange gifts. We also play Hanukkah Bingo. We do that every year.

Courtney Rogers – Our family doesn’t have one major holiday tradition; instead, we do quite a few small things that symbolize that the holidays are here. My brother and I both go home on Christmas Eve, and we also get to open one present that night – which is always pajamas! Then, on Christmas morning, we have sausage cheese balls and quiche while we open presents in our new PJs.

David Stiles – For the holidays, I visit my family in Virginia. Our tradition is to watch National Lampoon’s ‘Christmas Vacation’ movie as a family. Happy holidays!

Melissa Stocks – We always wait to decorate until after my birthday, December 7. That way, my birthday is more set a part and not jumbled in with the holidays.