Happy Thanksgiving and Good Eating from mRELEVANCE

Sweet Potato Pie, a favorite Thanksgiving dish

The famous sweet potato pie mentioned by several of our employees as a favorite

The mRELEVANCE team wishes all of our friends and family a joyous, plentiful Thanksgiving this year and every year to come. We are thankful for so much this year, it would be impossible to list everything, but know that we include all of you on that list. We consider you part of the family, so we wanted to share some of our favorite Thanksgiving foods with you. We hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families, filled with all your favorite foods too!

And now, we present the favorite foods and dishes of the entire mRELEVANCE team.

Carol- “It is really difficult to pick just one food. That is like trying to pick a favorite pet or favorite child! My favorites include the turkey, homemade dressing, mince meat pie and my sister’s sweet potato and apple casserole. Yummy. Looking forward to having fried turkey this year.”

Mitch- “I actually have two favorite Thanksgiving foods, and they go very well together. I LOVE fried turkey, and I make several different flavors every year. I can’t even eat ‘regular baked’ turkey anymore, because the fried turkey is so juicy, especially when it is Cajun or teriyaki or Hawaiian-flavored. The juices and flavors are sealed inside when it cooks and it just tastes AWESOME! Not greasy, all juicy…not dry, baked turkey that needs gravy. My second favorite is cranberry sauce: regular cranberry sauce jelly from a can, with the can imprint still etched on the side. This cranberry jelly sauce, combined with juicy fried turkey is the ONLY way to have Thanksgiving, in my opinion.”

Laura- “I am not a huge fan of traditional Thanksgiving dishes, but I love green bean casserole! Mainly because everything tastes better as a casserole and it makes great leftovers. This year, I added the cream cheese with a little pinch of garlic powder to switch things up from the ‘Campbell’s’ recipe. The other thing that always reminds me of Thanksgiving is my dad’s pecan pie. He has made it since I was little, and it is always the perfect after-dinner dessert.”

Dave- “Olives.  Natural and delicious, one of the earth’s superfoods.”

Melissa- “Thanksgiving dinner is one of my favorite meals, so picking a favorite dish is really hard, but I’d have to say pumpkin pie. Growing up, if it wasn’t served on Thanksgiving, I would ask for it instead of cake on my birthday in December. Even now, I’d probably do the same thing.”

Mike- “If I have to pick one favorite, I’d have to skip completely over the meal itself and go straight to leftovers the next day. My uncle makes a killer ‘Turkey à la King,’ served over warm biscuits. Together with a cup of home-made hard cider, it always hits the spot. ”

Courtney- “My favorite dish has officially become the unique sweet potato pie recipe introduced to me at this year’s mRELEVANCE Thanksgiving potluck by Alyssa and her dad. Baked in a cast iron skillet, it’s a true southern specialty. Chunky sweet potatoes, plenty of cinnamon and sugar and a dash of raisins inside of a deliciously flaky and browned pie crust – it’s wonderful!”

Tom- “My favorite Thanksgiving dish is ham glazed with honey and spices. The combination of slight heat from the spices matched with the sweetness of the ham and the crispy glaze make for an unforgettable meal on Thanksgiving. My mom has made this dish since I was young and I have a lot of great memories helping to make it.  ”

Alyssa- “I really love all Thanksgiving food—pecan pie, roasted turkey, my grandma’s secret recipe for dressing, and of course, my own recipe for baked macaroni and cheese—also referred to as ‘Big Fat Heart Attack Mac.’ Clearly by the name, it’s best to only eat it once a year…but it’s totally worth the calories. My family members (there are about 60 of us on both sides of my family) all love to cook and are very talented in the kitchen, which makes it fun and yummy! I’ve been helping prep Thanksgiving meals with my dad since I was a little girl. It’s always been a tradition of ours and is something I look forward to every year.”

Arati- “My favorite Thanksgiving dishes are creamy spinach gratin and chocolate pecan pie. I tried the spinach gratin for the first time last weekend and it is probably the best spinach casserole I have ever consumed. It is my new favorite dish. I love spinach and I love things with lots of cheese in it. This is the perfect combination of both. And chocolate pecan pie is my all-time favorite dessert!”

Alicia- “My favorite dish has always been green bean casserole and it has been ever since I was young. Every year, when it’s late at night and I am back home with my family and in my comfortable pajamas, I always go into the refrigerator, find the green bean casserole and make myself another bowl! It’s my very own tradition.”

Lauren- “My favorite Thanksgiving food is my mom’s homemade apple pie. Ever since I can remember, my mom has made the apple pie from scratch, even the pie crust.  And with any leftover dough from the crust she makes pie crust cookies by baking the dough, mixed with cinnamon and sugar.”

Meg- “We’ve always had a very Southern sort of Thanksgiving in our family, so that flavor profile is ‘home’ to me: my granny’s cornbread dressing recipe and my mom’s incredibly tender and flavorful turkey are essentials on the table every year. We also like to put our own family twist on traditional Thanksgiving dishes, like sweet potatoes: ours are cubed, baked and super spicy, or green beans: chili pepper-spiked with melted cheese.  I’d have to say though that the ‘pièce de résistance’ and perennial family and friend favorite is definitely our family’s bourbon chocolate pecan pie. Southern comfort food at its finest! I plan to make an extra this year to share at work next week!”

Now that we are all drooling, Gobble til you Wobble from the mRELEVANCE team!