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He Said. She Said. How Do I Improve Internet Traffic?

Internet TrafficHe Said. She Said. is a regular column written by the founders of mRELEVANCE. Each question posed will be answered from two unique perspectives. Mitch Levinson will answer from the perspective of the search engines and Carol Flammer from the perspective of site visitors.

Q: How do I increase/improve the quality of traffic to my website and social media program?

A: Carol Flammer – If you want to attract visitors and keep them coming back, create engaging content. Here are her top tips for creating blog content:

– Focus on your expertise and have the blog content showcase it.
– Make it fun and interactive, the more fun or interesting the better.
– Create a campaign and focus 50% of your content on it during the duration of the campaign.
– Create an editorial calendar, it will make everything so much easier.
– Ask open ended questions, ask visitors to comment.

A: Mitch Levinson – Feed the search engines. When you create good keyword rich content, that becomes the food you need to feed the search engines. His top tips include:
– Create and prepare a written list of targeted keywords. These are the words that your site will ideally rank for when a person does a Google search with them.
– Get the search engines to return to your site and re-index your site for your targeted search words often.
– Make sure the search engines know which words are important and what your site is about.
– Build credibility (or RELEVANCE) for your website to rank for these words.
– Feed the the search engines the right way with the right words.

Let us know what questions you have on how to improve your Internet traffic. Whether it is traffic to your website or your blog, the team at mRELEVANCE is here to help. How can we help you?