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He Said. She Said. How Much Copy Should My Blog Posts Have?

ContentThis week on He Said. She Said. we are exploring content. Remember, each question posed will be answered from two unique perspectives. Mitch Levinson will answer from the perspective of the search engines and Carol Flammer from the perspective of site visitors.

So here’s the question of the day. . .

Q: How much copy should a blog post or website page have?

A: Carol Flammer – A happy medium for a blog post is around 300 words. You can go a bit shorter for a video post (around 150 words) and maybe a bit longer for a more in-depth features post, around 400 words. Just remember thanks to interruptions from instant messaging, texts, email, phone calls and of course, social networking sites, we all have ADD today. So, provide your readers with content they can read quickly and scan for highlights. Use bullet pointed lists and consider using top 5 or 10 lists. Don’t forget to include photos as well as video as they are part of your content too.

A: Mitch Levinson – The goal of each web page will determine how much copy the page needs. I don’t ever like to see less than 50 to 75 words on an important indexable page. In fact, 250 to 450 keyword rich words is a great target. Remember, however, to balance design and content, the Internet is, after-all, a visual media. If the page does not have enough words, it is hard for the search engines to rank it. Just like you wouldn’t want page without images, you also don’t want a page without enough words; keep a good balance for your readers and the search engines.