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He Said. She Said. How Often Should I Post?

he said she said internet marketing and social mediaOur ongoing, “He Said. She Said” column continues. Each post focuses on answering a question about online marketing from two different perspectives. mRELEVANCE managing partners offer their respective expertise in this column. Carol Flammer answers from the reader’s perspective, where it’s all about content. Mitch Levinson answers from the perspective of a search engine.

Q: How often should I post?

A: Carol – Post regularly on your blog. Keep your readers in mind, typically two to three times a week is about all they will “accept.” Think about how the content posts through to Facebook and Twitter. If it automatically posts to these sites then think about how much content these readers will accept. They want to see you as credible source of content, but you don’t want to post so much content that they start ignoring you.

b. Mitch – The more often you post, the more fresh content you have on your site, and the more often you encourage the spiders to visit your site and re-index your pages. Strictly from an SEO (search engine optimization) perspective, every single day is the best answer, but that may not be realistic. You want Google and the other search engines to notice you and you want them to keep coming back to feed on your content and keywords as often as you can get them there. But you need to maintain that balance – it is like the difference between art and science. You have to get the search engines there, but you also need to keep visitors interested in your topics.

From the science standpoint, the more often you encourage the search engines to reindex the more often they come back to site and the more relevant the site will appear. Carol, you’re right in that the media you use will determine what will be tolerated so you’re not ignored. It is easier to publish a lot of content on Twitter , and not as easy to publish a lot of content on Facebook. Your goal is to achieve a balance of the art and the science of SEO.

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