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He Said. She Said. Two Views on Interactive Marketing

he said she said search engines and contentInteractive experts Mitch Levinson, MIRM and Carol Morgan, MIRM have wrapped up their He Said. She Said. posts. This series of articles answers many of the commonly asked questions related to online marketing from two different perspectives. Taking the “He Said” position, Mitch answers questions from the perspective of how to improve your search engine optimization. From the “She Said” position, Carol focuses on how to create great content that attracts and engages readers from your blog to your Facebook page. We hope you enjoy this lively discussion as much as we do!

Here are links to all of our He Said. She Said. articles:

How Do I Improve Internet Traffic?

How Much Copy Should My Blog Posts Have?

Why is Blogging with Keywords so Important?

What Else is Important when Writing Posts?

How Often Should I Post?

Why is Syndication so Important?

Explain More About Inbound Links

Do you have other questions for the He Said. She Said. team? If so please as them in the comments section. Additionally, He Said. She Said. is available as a 90 minute presentation. Let us know if you would like us to present to your group.