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Highland Homes

Highland HomesHighland Homes, a Tampa home builder, has been Central Florida’s value leader for more than a decade. Its team delivers the best in new home choice, quality, value and satisfaction. However, Highland Homes has a challenge that many other private builders face: name recognition or, more precisely, name competition.

Highland Homes is a popular company name. In fact, a different Highland Homes in Texas owns the domain The Florida builder owns the domain of Therefore, the domains are very similar.

Though Highland Homes was selling approximately 35 homes per month, Google was not returning many links to the company’s site. The only returned link within the first three pages on Google was the company’s name.

mRELEVANCE took over management of the website in late 2007. The site was not search friendly, scalable or even stable so that it would always be available. We moved it to a more stable hosting environment and began modifying it to improve performance. The site was attracting 4,000 to 5,000 visits when Highland Homes was forced to halve its marketing budget due to the weak housing market.

With the Highland team, mRELEVANCE recommended cutting advertising that was not earning ROI in website or sales center traffic, rebuilding the website in PHP, building a blog and starting a social media program. From 2009 to 2010, website traffic grew to 6,500 to 7,200 visits. More importantly, monthly home sales increased from 35 to 60 in less than 18 months in a down market.

In late 2010, the marketing budget took another 50 percent cut. Even so, Highland Homes still maintains an average of 50 sales per month. The traffic to its website has been as high as 9,300 visitors per month and averages almost 8,000 visits per month. Moreover, Highland Homes attributes 22 percent of its sales solely to their Internet marketing and social media program.