Home Shoppers Use Mobile to Search

Acadia Homes and Neighborhoods MobileIn a society where people are always on the go and always plugged into technology, it is no surprise that studies are finding more and more people are searching for their perfect new home on mobile websites. A recent study on home shoppers from The Real Estate Book found that 98 percent of home buyers found mobile devices to be a valuable tool in the new home search process.

Of this 98 percent, 46 percent stated that mobile technology was essential to the process, while the remaining 52 percent claimed it was helpful. Even more important, mobile shoppers are taking action; 68 percent of users contacted a real estate professional based on their mobile search results.

Just what are these tech savvy individuals looking for? The most popular items viewed were photos and videos. However, users also frequently request more information, look at listing details and search for and locate homes in specific areas. This means that home builders and  real estate professionals need to make sure their listing information is in an easy to use and readily available online format, otherwise you will miss out on a large potential market.

Plus, as mobile technology grows, so will mobile search. The survey found that 85 percent of those who haven’t used a mobile phone for their new home search would consider using a mobile device during their next search.

These mobile search trends are just a reflection of a much wider popular mobile trend. Recent studies are predicting that mobile Internet usage will take over desktop Internet usage by 2014, and that as many as half of all local searches are already conducted on mobile devices.

As marketing strategies shift to reflect the digital age, more and more companies are building mobile websites. If you’re interested in boosting your mobile marketing, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.