How do they find you?

90-percent of your potential homebuyers have searched for their new home builder, new home community or home online before they walk in the door of your sales center.  Treat them like a “be back” because they have researched you and know you well.

Because of this most builders are focusing more of their advertising and marketing dollars online.  And due to the downsized economy this is good news for home builders because Internet marketing is typically more affordable than traditional advertising.

But where online should you spend your dollars?  It depends on your Internet goals.  Are you looking for more traffic from search engines?  Then launch a social media campaign. If you are looking for additional referral traffic, consider online advertising.  For direct traffic, look to email marketing or perhaps traditional advertising.  There are many different avenues to consider to boost web traffic form pay per click, to listings, to banner ads.  Your strategy depends on you goals.  Find an Internet marketing team that understands real estate and home building to review your strategy and set goals.