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How Does Your Lead Generation Grow?

Lead GenerationIn the business world, it’s all about cultivating leads to bring in new buyers. Finding potential customers can be difficult and time consuming if you don’t know which tactics to use. In the latest 2013 Lead Generation Benchmark Report, MarketingSherpa analyzes lead generation tactics based on two factors — level of difficulty and effectiveness.

Easiest Lead Generation Tactics

  • Print advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • Pay per click
  • Webinars
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media

Most Effective Lead Generation Tactics

  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click
  • Webinars
  • Optimization
  • Trade shows
  • Content
  • Email marketing

In terms of effectiveness and easiness, three tactics fall into both groups. These are webinars, email marketing and PPC. This means that those looking for less difficult ways to generate new potential clients should consider utilizing all three of these methods. However, the survey results also note that email marketing is one of the most highly used tactics, while webinars are less used, making them more valuable overall. Of course, using them in conjunction with one another is another route to utilize.

If you’re looking for effective tactics that don’t necessarily have to be the easiest, you should consider search engine optimization tactics, which fell in the middle range of difficulty. And, those simply looking to save time when it comes to lead generation will want to consider print advertising or direct mail campaigns. One factor that was not considered in this report was the cost of the tactic. Often print advertising and direct mail campaigns are on the higher end of the spectrum as it relates to cost.

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