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How a PR Strategy Can Help Your SEO

Most people think that PR, or public relations, is only for those brands that command television, print or radio positioning. Not so. Companies of all sizes can benefit from creating and employing a PR strategy even if they focus on digital media. Did you know that engaging a PR strategy is also a big factor when it comes to your SEO? Let’s take a look at how a PR strategy helps SEO.

If you already have a PR strategy or work with a PR firm, great. You’re ahead of the game. If not, the key to a successful PR strategy is to know your brand and market positioning. This is important in order to target the right publications to reach your intended audience.

Aligning Content and Messaging

As your teams reach out to publications with multiple topics, the timing and messages should align. It’s important to realize that no matter how you place the information; print, TV or online, the message should be clear and cohesive. The content doesn’t have to be exact, and it shouldn’t as it needs to be structured for each individual outlet, but the message should be. Continuity is important so keywords match and the message is the same throughout the cycle. This is where your content calendar comes in extremely handy.


It’s important to work with your PR team (whether inside or an agency) to make sure that they are optimizing links in their press releases and stories. As stories are published the embedded urls link back to your website. This increases the frequency search engines see your company. Even better, you can include links with keywords that need a boost.

Email Outreach

Another way to link back to your site is to ask anyone who has published an article about you to include a link. This provides a third party link that search engines see as valuable for credibility…in turn improving your search ranking. Set up Google alerts using your company name and a few important keywords. Then email those authors who have mentioned you and ask them to include a link if they haven’t already. Most will gladly add the link as it adds value to their post as well.

Guest Posting

As we mentioned in our post last week, guest blogging helps build brand awareness. It also boosts your SEO. In fact, it’s probably the easiest way to get free media coverage. The other blog gets a high quality, information packed post, and you get to include links back to your own blog/site, making it a true ‘win-win’ situation.

We reached out to one of our strategic partners, GreenMark Public Relations, to ask how they help their companies with SEO. Founder and President, Sue Markgraf had this to say: “Messaging that effectively maximizes SEO begins internally with a commitment to what a company or organization says about itself. All who have a stake in communicating those messages must be on the same page about the company’s mission, vision and primary key messages. This ‘unanimous commitment’ to strategic messaging then consistently informs external marketing communications, earned media results and public relations outreach that is content-rich and SEO-impactful.” Sue drives home the point that content is constantly tied to SEO no matter how it is served to the target audience.

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