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How Strong is Your TRUE Social Impact on Twitter?

BackTweetsDo you ever wonder if your Twitter content is truly connecting with your desired target audience, instead of it being just another tweet entering the world of cyberspace? Social media is all about starting conversations and interacting with prospective buyers and influencers. However, sometimes it is hard to know what happens to your content once it is published on Twitter.

BackTweets, a Twitter analytics tool, is the perfect resource for Twitter account users that want to get a better idea of the return on investment they are getting from Twitter. By simply entering in a link into the URL search, the site will pull up any other accounts that have redistributed your material. This provides you with instant results regarding your social impact.

For example, a business posts a tweet with a link about an incentives program. On Twitter, the business will be able to see the number of automatic retweets, but what if another account only retweets the link, instead of the whole post? By entering the URL into BackTweets, the business will be able to see a chronological list of anyone who has tweeted the exact same link.

The tool also offers a variety of advanced features including allowing you to filter your results by date and user, which can help you develop key marketing strategies. You can even join in on the BackTweets Alerts Service, which lets you receive email updates when someone tweets about your URL.

With analytic tools such as this, Twitter users will no longer have to fret about their overall social impact. Of course, Twitter is just one piece of the social media puzzle that business owners need to keep track of. If you’re interested in how our team can help boost your social media strategy, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.