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How to Blog Effectively

The most important part of any blog is the content. Why? Because if what you are writing about is dry and boring, no one will read it. You have to convey an interesting and informative message that readers will care about and want to read. Even better is if your content is so captivating that it encourages readers to pass it along to their friends and family. In order to be able to write blog posts that are informative, interesting and entertaining, you must be writing on a topic that you know well and are passionate about. Believe it or not, your passion will shine through your content and make for a more enticing post.

There is a slight SEO-trick that you must be able to master with your content – the inclusion of keywords. Each post should include specific keyword phrases. These phrases are the words that you want the search engines to associate with your post. For example, if your blog post is about which flowers and plants are the best for winter gardening, some of your keyword phrases might include “winter gardening;” “planting during winter;” or “flowers that grow in winter.” You want to fill the content of your blog with these keywords – at least two or three relevant keywords per blog post is sufficient. However, your blog post also needs to flow naturally and be readable. Don’t just add keywords in places where it doesn’t make any sense, remember they must be relevant and not spam!

Another thing a great blog post always has is links. It gives readers the opportunity to learn more about a topic you are discussing. For example, when talking about an organization or a mentioning a company by name, it would be wise to link to their website. If you are referencing a topic you recently published a blog post about, then link to that blog post. Two, three or four links per post is great.

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