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How to Get the Attention of Someone Who Checks Their Phone Almost 50 Times a Day

Millennials on smartphonesA new study says that the average Millennial checks their smartphone 45 times a day! If you are a business owner or marketer, this should have you thinking about the marketing implications of such behavior.

The study shows that Millennials are “always on” so businesses have to rise above the noise to become relevant and timely to this group. According to the study, Millennials are 56 percent more likely to come across marketing content on social networks than via search engines or email.

The study is part of a series by SDL, “Five Truths for Future Marketers,” outlining five crucial ways that marketers must adapt to engage today’s consumers, who are highly connected and informed and who may not respond to traditional marketing tactics.

Who are the Millennials? Different organizations and researchers define the group differently, but in this study, Millennials are defined as those born between 1978 and 1996 (currently ages 18-36). One in four Americans are included in this group and 70 percent of them have annual household incomes over $50,000.

According to the study, Millennials often use as many as four devices in one day to access multiple channels; and in order to gain the trust of Millennials, brands must create a consistent experience across all channels. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the top three channels where Millennials find information.

A majority of Millennials:

• Think it should feel the same when dealing with a company whether online, in a store or on the phone
• Expect to be able to engage with a company whenever they choose and through whatever channel they choose
• Like it when a company reaches out to them and not just to sell a product
• Are more likely to provide personal info to a trusted brand (i.e., a company they have purchased from before)
• Do business with a company that can make good offers in real time
• Like it when a company makes recommendations that make shopping easier

Other key findings include:

• 87 percent feel that the majority of companies don’t know how to market to this generation
• 84 percent of Millennials connect with companies on social media, but they want something in return, like discounts, freebies, better customer service, etc.

SDL says that this research shows traditional campaigns are extinct and brands must work toward a longer-term view of building brand advocacy in order to see success. We know that marketing is shifting (and has been for some time) to a longer-term approach that emphasizes building brand advocacy, but do you think campaigns really are dead? Or can they still be an effective form of marketing? Do any of these statistics surprise you? Let us know in the comments below!