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How to Make a Profit For Your Big Business on the Web

These days it’s kind of hard to ignore the Internet. It’s everywhere; from our smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops and even in traditional advertising. More and more companies are also spending a greater amount of time harnessing the mass reach that the Internet can provide their company. However, using internet marketing to make a profit isn’t always easy.

Here are a few examples of how big businesses are increasing their return on investment using the web:

  • Big businesses are constantly monitoring and moving to the areas where consumers are searching and shopping online.
  • Most large companies have established a company blog to distribute press releases and news items. Blogs help build SEO and act as a strong communication tactic.
  • Facebook and Twitter are a must-have. They are great social media tools for promoting products, services and events, as well as engaging customers in a conversation.
  • Big businesses realize that online traffic equals increased profit, especially as online traffic continues to soar.
  • The newest necessity is a mobile website. Data suggests that the number of people using smartphones to browse the web is only going to continue to increase over the next few years.

One good example of a big business that has seen a dramatic increase in profits due to its integrated online marketing campaign is Equifax. Marketing RELEVANCE has been actively working with Equifax to help them better utilize their blog to generate more traffic by improving overall on-page SEO. We also work to improve and increase time spent on the website and Equifax Personal Finance Blog, and the number of pages viewed on these two online assets. Blogging on other sites helps to increase traffic to the blog and create exposure for the overall program.

By leveraging social media both on and off the blog, Equifax continues to see impressive monthly traffic to their website. The website has an impressive Page Rank of 8 (7 for the blog) and currently ranks on the first page of Google and other search engines for highly competitive keywords. You can see examples of this program and its connectivity by visiting:

Building an online marketing campaign is time consuming and often times, a little daunting. The best place to start is with blog development. The blog then acts as the hub that the rest of your business’ program can build from. If you’re interested in how our team can help your business increase ROI by reining in the power of the web, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.