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How to Manage the Google+ World

You’ve been invited to Google+ , created your profile and added Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Larry Page to your circles. You love it, except you hate getting all of those annoying notification e-mails that fill up your Gmail. Here are a few steps, thanks to this Social Media Today post, to help you opt-out of some Google+ settings.

  • E-mail notifications
post pic b

In your Google+ account in the right hand corner next to “Share,” click on the gears icon which opens a drop down menu.

post pic 2 b

On the drop down menu, click on Google+ settings.

A new window pops up that displays notification settings. Uncheck those that you wish not to be notified about, and the setting is automatically saved.

  • E-mails

Your Gmail address is not exposed, but anyone on the web that finds your profile can send you an e-mail. If you don’t want e-mail from strangers, opt out by following these steps:

Repeat steps 1 and 2 from above.

Click on “Profile & Privacy.”

Click “Edit visibility on profile.”

Under your photo and above your circles information, there is the “send an e-mail” box with an icon next to it. Click on that icon.

post pic 3

A box pops up asking “Who can send me an email?” If you wish to opt out completely, uncheck the “Allow people to e-mail me from a link on my profile” box and save settings. If you want people in your circles to be able to send you an e-mail, leave the box checked and select from the drop down. When you click “Custom” it allows you to select certain circles and/or people you wish to share with.

  • Photo GeoLocation

Photos taken with smartphones contain the geolocation information. If you don’t want this to be public, follow these steps:

Repeat steps 1 and 2 above, and scroll down on the e-mail notifications to Photos.

post pic 4 b

Uncheck the “Show photo geo location information in newly uploaded albums and photos” box.

After opting out of these settings, you will surely have a better managed profile and will enjoy the Google+ world much more. If you need additional help with Google+ or any other social media site, connect with us at mRELEVANCE.