How to Use Pinterest for Business: What Do I Post?

Traton PinterestJust getting started using Pinterest for your business and wondering what exactly to post?

Here is our “getting-down-to-the-nitty-gritty” list of tips on how to use Pinterest for your business.

Have a plan: First, think through your Pinterest strategy. Spend some time planning out what your boards will be and what types of pins they’ll contain. It is more challenging to rearrange/change your boards the further you get into using Pinterest and the more followers you get. If you delete boards, you also will delete any board followers, changing your content on specific boards could cause you to lose followers, etc., so the organization of your boards is something you want to think through carefully before you get started

Build out your profile essentials: Make sure to fully build out your profile with a company logo, description, contact information, website URL, links to your other social media sites and links to photos on your website and blog.
Share news: Share company news about new hires, new products, promotions, etc.

Create interaction: Build boards, and fill them with content that is fun and useful. Be sure to consider what it is that you would like to see if you were your own customer, from something funny to something helpful. Make sure to interact with other companies and boards so that they will reciprocate.

Promote events: Share company announcements and photos from events (like your agent events, groundbreakings, new model home openings, etc.).

Share photos: If you have photos of employees, homeowners or partners, post them. People love sharing photos of themselves, and they like seeing photos of people that they know.

Offer tools: Share information and resources like homeowner education tools, mortgage calculators, etc.

Build brand: Use Pinterest as a way to really show buyers what your brand is all about. Use your boards and pins to showcase your products and services. Don’t pin a lot of content onto your boards that is not your product. This is very confusing for buyers. If you want to have an inspiration board, or a board that somehow showcases another company, make sure to label it as to limit confusion. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that 20 out of every 25 pins should be your content.

Use infographics and word clouds: Infographics (which are visual interpretations of information) and word clouds (which are a representation of a group of words in a graphic form) have become a major draw on Pinterest and other social networks. People quickly discovered it was much easier to absorb dry statistics or get a clear overview from graphics rather than from words alone. Infographics are a great way to share information. If you’d like to come up with one, here are some tips for doing so:

•    Start with relevant, accurate information your audience will rush to grab.
•    Prioritize your information. Show the most important data above the fold or in the center of your infographic.
•    Eliminate visual and mental clutter.  Exclude any information not absolutely necessary.
•    Be imaginative – but above all, be clear!

Videos: You can also present and share videos on Pinterest, and there’s a great reason to do so. You can present your videos the way you like them ordered, not the way YouTube decides. Many businesses are simply not using this powerful feature. You have the ability to present and share your videos in a neat, highly-organized, visual package on Pinterest. For example, you can not only drive people to your YouTube videos straight from Pinterest, you can also provide a visual, instant list of videos of all of your various products. You could also put happy customer testimonials on a board.. When you create your board, be sure to add the word “video”, “videos” or “video series” to your description, along with your company name and other keywords.

What Else to Pin: Repurpose your existing, quality, visually-compelling content, including
•    Blog posts
•    Award Winners
•    Market Research
•    Industry News
•    A Vision Board for your Company
•    Links to Resources – your Vendors and partners

We hope these ideas will help you take advantage of Pinterest. If you need help getting your Pinterest page off the ground and/or keeping it up and running, contact us today at 770-383-3360!