How to Use Postagram as a Marketing Tool

InstagramPostagram is one of the many free apps for iPhone or Android smartphones that is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Postagram allows a user to take photos from their Instagram, Facebook or phone gallery and turn it into a personalized postcard for just 99 cents.

The resulting product is a glossy, black postcard with a 300 dpi photo that can be popped out of the postcard and kept as a souvenir or keepsake.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well what makes this app even cooler is that businesses can use this as an innovative marketing tool. Here are some ideas on how your business can use Postagram in its marketing strategy:

  • Snap a picture of happy customers with your product and send it to them as a thank you.
  • Send a potential customer a photo of your goods or services as an enticement to visit and buy.
  • Hosting an event? Use an eye-catching image and include all of the event details in the personalized message to invite attendees.
  • Send postagrams of attendees after the event, so that they have a keepsake.
  • Need to promote a new product or service? Feature it in a photo and include highlights in the postcard’s message.
  • Working on a project for a client such as a new home or deck renovation? Send them a postcard with an “in progress” picture and a short message.
  • Use a QR code with a coupon as the photo, consumers will have to scan it with their smartphone to receive their special discount!

Those are only a few of the ways your business can incorporate this great app into your marketing strategy. There are probably hundreds of different uses, just be creative and make it fun!

Want more ideas on how your business could use Postagram as a promotion tool? Contact mRELEVANCE, We can help you build your entire online marketing strategy.