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How to use Storytelling to Sell Your Brand

Touting how good you are at something or how awesome your products are will most likely get you noticed, but it may not increase sales. To make a purchase, people need an emotional attachment to your company. They’re looking to you to provide them with a REASON to do business with you-not just that you have what they seek. They make choices based on how they FEEL about your company more than anything. That’s where storytelling comes in to sell your brand.

Storytelling affects more parts of the brain than plain, raw data. By understanding this and utilizing storytelling in your marketing efforts you have a better chance of converting your prospects into customers.

Making Connections

Telling a story engages customers and draws them in. The connections that are formed on an emotional level cement their commitment to doing business with you. People innately listen to stories and relate them to their own lives…this is where the connection is made. Your brand ‘story’ is the best way to provide potential customers with vital information and make it stick.

Sets You Apart

Anticipating your customers’ emotional needs and addressing them in your brand story, helps them identify with you and the product or service you provide. In their emotional state, they understand and relate it to their own needs and this helps differentiate you from others in the same industry.

Establishes Credibility

When you tell your audience a story about how you’ve helped other clients or customers in their shoes, you’ve not only made a personal connection, but have built credibility. In the customer’s eyes, if you’ve helped someone else with the same issue, you can probably help them too. Storytelling establishes your credibility and helps provide the proof that customers need to make a sound purchasing decision.

So, now that you know the benefits of storytelling, how do you create a story…

Cast of Characters
Decide who you’re going to highlight. Which one of your clients will you focus on? Think about what your audience wants to know and introduce them to your main character…it could be yourself (company) or a current or past client/customer.

The Issue
Here is where you can develop the character in your story. Talk about what the problem was. How the customer felt and why s/he reached out to you. Build up the emotion/struggle in your story to make the character relatable to your audience.

The Solution
Now talk about how you helped that customer. Discuss your solution to the problem and how you provided the solution that worked. To add even more to your story, reach out to that customer and ask for a quote regarding their pleasure with the resolution. It will serve to add even more credibility.

Your brand plan is the most important part of your marketing strategy. Marketing Relevance can build your brand with the help of creative storytelling. Call 847-259-7312 or visit our website to find out more. Let’s talk about how we can help you with your creative content needs.