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How to Utilize Twitter’s Custom Timelines for Your Brand

TwitterMove over Twitter Lists, there’s a new sheriff in town. Twitter’s recently launched Custom Timelines feature has quickly gained popularity with the microblog’s users due to its easy ability to curate and share specific content.

While Twitter Lists have long been used as a way to publicly or privately create “groups” of Twitter users, they lack a certain level of control, meaning they can easily end up with a stream filled with unrelated content.

On the other hand, the new Custom Timelines are completely user created from their name to the tweets that are included. Each timeline can be controlled using various API settings to display tweets only with certain hashtags or keywords, or users can take it even further by hand selecting what the public sees. On that note, these timelines are also completely public, have their own page and can be embedded into websites, making them very easy to share and follow.

Here are a few ways brands have already started to embrace Custom Timelines to their benefit:

• Hosting Q&A sessions
• Managing live events
• Featuring industry/related experts
• Showing customer reviews
• Displaying FAQ
• Promoting campaigns
• Sharing content from followers
• Providing company news
• Appealing to niche audiences

These are just a few of the many possibilities that Custom Timelines provide brands and companies. In an age where buyers want easy-to-find content that is tailored to them, Custom Timelines may be the solution that many businesses have been looking for.

Are you using Twitter’s Custom Timelines yet? If so, share with Marketing RELEVANCE below.