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“I Saw That on Social Media”

News on Social MediaAlthough television is still the number one source from which Americans get their news, many U.S. adults also turn to the Internet. With almost everyone now having a smartphone constantly in hand, it’s no surprise that the Internet is a popular source for news consumption. But how exactly does social media play a part in our news gathering?

According to an article on Pew Research Journalism Project, a poll shows that various social media platforms are used for news consumption. More than 60 percent of U.S. adults use Facebook, and, of that total, 30 percent get their news from the site. YouTube is the second largest source of news consumption, and more than half of Twitter users turn to tweets for their news.

With so many social media sites in use today, it’s safe to say that most U.S. adults are using more than one social media outlet as a news source, right? Wrong! The Pew study goes on to reveal that 65 percent of us stick to just one site for our news needs and that only 26 percent rely on two sites. Only nine percent of us use three or more sites. For the percent of us who do use more than one site for information, the crossover between Facebook and Twitter is the most popular.

So, when it comes to getting news on social media, where do you go? How many platforms do you use, and which is your favorite? If you want to get your company’s news out via social media, contact mRELEVANCE today.