I wish I had a long, long tail

I wish I had a long, long tail. And I can tell you why. I could hit a fly ten feet away and hit him in the eye.  Dr. Seuss and his rhymes have captured and endeared kids for years and now it is your turn to capture your buyers through proper use of long tail keywords.  Use the long, long tail in your search engine optimization strategy to hit them in the eye.

Targeting one or two word keyword phrases is an important part of your Internet marketing plan, but targeting the right long tail keywords (three words or more) is even more important. Research has shown that once a buyer is in the final stages of the buying cycle they are no longer merely searching for short inspecific phrases, but they are drilling down to make purchase decisions.  At this state of the game, you would be attracting buyers not just browsers.

Here is one example of the difference.  You’d use phrases like Atlanta new homes or Atlanta homes as keywords early in a search for a new home, but as your search becomes more sophisticated phrases such as cobb county townhomes from the $160,000s might be more applicable.