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IBS: Dealing With Gen Y

Gen Y textingGenerations have their own hallmarks – distinct features that set them apart. Are you prepared to sell your new homes to the new generation of home buyers, or manage them in the work force? If you are going to the International Builders Show in January, you’ll want to be sure to attend “Dealing With Gen Y: The Next Generation of Builders, Buyers, Colleagues and Employees.”

During this session, Mitch Levinson, managing partner of mRELEVANCE will be your tour guide to Gen Y along with Steve Lewkowitz of Pivotal Corp and Joe Stoddard of Mountain Consulting Group, LLC.

This session will focus on the types of homes the newest generation of buyers wants to purchase to fit the lifestyles they want to lead. You’ll also learn about the technology they expect to use and the work environment you’ll need to create to attract the best and brightest of this dynamic generation.

You’ll see real-world examples of builders that have adapted their marketing strategies and online presence to serve this new generation of buyers. You’ll also learn how companies are transforming policies and advertising to appeal to the Gen Y job seekers.

This session is offered Thursday, Jan. 13 from 1:30 to 3 p.m. Visit the IBS 2011 website to register for this conference and see all of the other classes offered. Visit this session’s page to add it to your show planner and see the bios of these engaging speakers.