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Incorporating Interactive Graphics into your Website

Websites are interactive by their very nature as users click, scroll, and fill out forms at their leisure. When the term “interactive graphics” is used, it’s primarily addressing a certain type of graphic element; like a slideshow, video, or larger animated element.

The main purpose of using interactive graphic elements on your website is to attract attention and help foster user-engagement. Additionally, there are secondary goals; explaining a difficult message, or condensing a lengthy story into something your user can ‘watch’ or ‘play with’ instead of simply reading.

When evaluating whether an interactive graphic is an appropriate element for your website, consider these points:
• How does the feature fit with my overall objectives?
• What is the budget for this element?
• What do I want my users to understand or learn from it? Is it a general overview or a gateway to deeper content?
• What do I want my users to do with this information (what’s the call to action)?
• How will it work from not only a desktop experience, but a tablet and mobile one as well?

Interactivity is extremely impressive, and also highly useful, highlighting different types of information more effectively than a static image ever could. So, what types of interactive graphics can be considered?
• Maps
• Data (graphs, charts)
• Music
• Flip books

Interactive graphics add an incredible amount of value to your site, but should only be used when it improves upon a static graphic or does something that a static image alone could not. Remember that when it comes to user experience, function should have the highest priority. So when you consider adding an interactive graphic, make sure you are actually improving upon that user experience and not convoluting or confusing them.

The end-goal of interactive graphics and elements on your website is to increase user engagement. As a general rule, the more time someone spends on your site, the more likely they are to have developed a connection…and those connections will lend themselves to conversion into sales. When building interactive graphics think about your story, your audience, and how your users are likely to view your visual content.

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