Increase Your Web Traffic the Easy Way with Google Analytics

Example of Google Analytics Dashboard

Example of Google Analytics Dashboard

Have you been searching for a way to easily track your website, blog and social media traffic? Look no further than Google Analytics. This free, easy to use tool, offered by Google, allows you to filter your traffic with no hassle and is one of the best kept secrets on the web.

After creating an account and looking at the information Google Analytics gives you, including graphs of daily visits, average time of visit, bounce rates and even what country or city your highest number of visitors are from, start compiling your information together to fit your needs. Once this is complete, you can filter your traffic into very granular reports and make better educated decisions on what direction to take when it comes to your marketing program. These reports may even lead you to see options and traffic that you did not even know you had.

In 2008, we had a builder in Florida who began to cut their marketing budget. Over the next three years, they cut the budget by an astonishing 85 percent. However, with the knowledge we gained from Google Analytics, the traffic to their website continued to grow, despite the fact that they spent a lot less money. Their traffic continued to grow, and it is currently almost triple what it was in 2008.

If you are interested in gaining a higher level of knowledge for tracking your website or blog development through Google Analytics then contact Marketing RELEVANCE. Let us set up and monitor your tracking metrics, so that you too can triple your traffic and increase your sales!