Innovative Buildings Solutions Featured in K+BB

Innovate Building Solutions in K+BBA few weeks ago, Innovate Building Solutions was featured in an article entitled “Wet Rooms Offer Stylish Universal Design Options for Seniors.” This was Innovate Building Solutions first public relations score as one our clients and came about as a result of a pitch letter and a press release sent to K+BB (short for Kitchen and Bath Business) by the mRELEVANCE team.

The K+BB reporter specifically focused on features of Innovative Building Solutions’ wet room designs that make them ideal for the 90 percent of seniors who want to stay in their own homes despite increased physical limitations, such as loss of mobility or lack of balance. Using information pulled from the pitch letter and press release, the reporter explained that wet rooms are basically bathrooms with fewer barriers. The shower is lipless, allowing seniors in wheelchairs and those with balance issues to roll or walk into the shower rather than having to be helped over the side of a tub, and the tile that completely covers the floors and walls makes for easy cleaning and creates “a spa-like experience” for homeowners.

Even very small bathrooms (“smaller than five feet by seven feet”) can be remodeled into wet rooms, and the reporter was quick to point out that no matter what the size, Innovate Building Solutions includes non-slip surfaces, wider doorways, elegant materials and clean lines into the redesign, as well as waterproofing to keep the rest of the house dry while homeowners use their wet room. Altogether, the reporter said these features make Innovate Building Solutions’ wet rooms both functional and stylish.

The K+BB online article was published July 11 and can be viewed here. For more information about Innovate Building Solutions’ bathroom designs and remodeling, visit at For help with your public relations program, contact mRELEVANCE today by calling 770-383-3360!